Grass Fed Beef by Percent Carcass Weight

Beef sold by percent carcass weight is available as:

  • Whole Beef

  • Half Beef

  • Quarter Beef 

Details About Purchasing Beef By Percent Carcass Weight


Purchasing beef by percent weight is the most affordable way to fill your freezer. There is more cost up front than purchasing individual cuts but in the long run it costs significantly less on a per pound basis. For a flat rate, you can receive hamburger, stew meat, roasts, and steaks.

Beef sold this way is charged based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight after slaughter when the carcass is hanging "on the rail" in the cooler. On average, the hanging weight of a whole carcass is about 720 pounds. There is an important difference between hanging weight and the amount of meat that ends up in the freezer. There is weight loss from the time the carcass is on the rail to when it is packaged for the freezer. This is due to several reasons: 1) Moisture loss due to aging, 2) Trimmings that are unusable due to aging, 3) Bone taken out when the carcass is made in to cuts, 4) The amount of fat chosen to be in the hamburger.

Grass Fed Beef Cuts

  • Hamburger

  • Steaks: Rib Steak, T-Bone, Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Round, Cube

  • Fillets

  • Brisket

  • Roasts: Chuck, Rump, Heel

  • Short Ribs

  • Stew Meat